The smooth contours of this fireplace meld perfectly to an angle in a room, transforming a corner into an eye-catching feature. Excellent fire visibility, efficient combustion with the doors either open or closed, small floor-space requirements and a telescopic top unit that adapts to different ceiling heights and styles make this model a both functional and fresh approach to fireplace design.

free-standing fireplace: 97 kg; triangular black steel flue: 35 kg/m; highly heat-resistant matt black paint; heat-resistant double glass doors; telescopic top unit adaptable to different ceiling heights; firebox protected with Indaten steel. Option of flexible or rigid stainless steel flue liner (A) or made-to-measure pieces (B) for connection to an existing flue.

optional extras
flexible or rigid stainless steel flue liner for adaptation to existing flues, light grey paint, fresh-air intake device, duct elbow made to measure, adapter.
- guaranteed efficiency is dependent upon a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 4.25 m. -