Why the Chromifocus? Because colour had to be given to the world in which we live, because if luxury is not a pleasure, the pleasure of colour is a luxury that must not be denied, and lastly because, quite simply, we wanted to create a sliding façade that is polychromatic, warm and cordial, out of reverence to Piet Mondrian.

the two steel doors of the facade slide sideways when simply pushed by hand. The blue and red colours of the doors are intangible. there is a choice between the yellow (RAL 1003) in the photo and a grey (RAL7004). When you open the facade, you reach the door in pyroceramic glass of the heating unit, which opens laterally and telescopically. The heating unit is provided with refractory bricks. It is provided with a handle for adjusting the draught. in the gas-burning version, the fireplace is supplied without a glass. Note: The installation professional must include upper and lower air vents. weight of the fireplace: 160 kg - refractory: 130 kg. This model is available as a double-sided version.

optional extras
flexible or rigid stainless steel connection flue, ash pan, gas appliance - this version comes with a partial glass screen.
- guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 5 m. -