Mirror, impression: Reverse.

Wooden formworks design volumes and forms, establishing the light and shadow of the spaces and the surfaces. By means of ductile and solidifiable material, architecture creates a geometric compositional order.

With REVERSE/ Floor Gres is inspired by the solidity of concrete on which marks of wood are impressed, to assume inversely the structure of the fibre of the knots in the covering planks. Corresponding to each material graphic is its complement. Like exposed concrete does not exhibit the constructive but the decorative function, REVERSE/ interprets with versatility this complex and refined technology, underscoring its figurative qualities: irregular surfaces and bold natural colours lend themselves to the creation of meditative, ordered spaces, for a new conception of the essential decoration.

The sizes interact with the surfaces, suggesting a creative synergy between positive and negative, front and back, joining in a single product the emblematic expressive force of mirroring.

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tile

15 x 60 (listello)
20 x 180
20 x 80
26,5 x 180
40 x 80
60 x 120
80 x 180
80 x 80
20 x 120