Globe is one of the series that forged the history of Floor Gres, contributing to the implementation of technological innovation within the production plant. Version 1.0 is an upgrade wherein sizes, colours and production technology have all been revised in a contemporary interpretation.

The colours are divided into two families of warm shades: beige hues (Bone, Gold/1.0, and Nut) and greys (Clay, Grey, and Mud).
All the colours of Globe/1.0 belong to the Florim Color System, and the series can therefore be perfectly coordinated with other Floor Gres materials.

The polished surface offers stunning aesthetic results that are perfect for residential applications, while the bush-hammered surface is the preferred solution for applications that require a high level of slip resistance.

Finishes: polished, matte, and bush-hammered.

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

30 x 60 (matte - bush-hammered - polished)
45 x 45 (matte - polished)
45 x 90 (matte - polished)
60 x 60 (matte - bush-hammered - polished)