The inspiration for Geotech comes from afar, from a tiny archipelago in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa, that owes its name to the dense forests that cover the islands: Madeira (the archipelago was first colonised by the Portuguese, and the name was taken from the Portuguese word for wood). The island of Madeira, of volcanic origin like the other islands in the archipelago, is also characterised by the presence of a unique type of stone, the appearance of which resembles that of fossil wood. This is so called Madeira Stone, which formed the basis for the design programme that led to the creation of Geotech.
This collection of fine porcelain ceramic tiles is the result of a merger between the typical appearance of the natural stone and a groundbreaking colour research programme. Six colours and three surface finishes, created to provide a global response to the requirements of contemporary architecture.

In particular, the canneté or ribbed version is absolutely innovative: parallel scoring running along the entire surface of the sheet is reminiscent of the typical grooves that characterise the surfaces of the hardwood slats used for exterior flooring. This surface, which offers superb anti-slip performance, is the idea solution for gardens, swimming pool borders, patios and verandas.

The colours of Geotech are divided into two families: neutral tones, inspired directly by the natural colours of Madeira Stone, and the pure colour, which is the result of the design activities performed by the Style Department and Florim Laboratory.

Of the various sizes available, the new 80x80 sheet is particularly noteworthy: this size was expressly developed for the world of architecture and was made possible thanks to Florim’s technological investments made in recent months.
So the Geotech collection is associated with a large number of design capabilities, and is also perfect for applications on ventilated facades and raised floors.

Surfaces: matte, textured, canneté

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware

13 x 80 (canneté)
15 x 120 (matte - structured)
21 x 40 (listello)
30 x 60 (matte - structured)
5 x 5 (mosaic tesserae)
60 x 60 (matte - structured)
80 x 80 (matte - structured)
60 x 120 (matte - structured)
20 x 120 (matte - structured)
40 x 80
80 x 180 (matte - structured)
20 x 180 (matte - structured)
26,5 x 180 (matte - structured)