Architect series porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles were developed on the basis of a new interpretation of design that promotes harmony between people and our natural environment, creating a system that is in perfect equilibrium between the constructed environment and the natural world. The detailed studies into this subject sprung from the observation of the appearance and simplicity of the soil, subsequently evolving into colours and surfaces that are inspired from the hues of sand, soil and rock, assuring perfectly harmonious integration with urban surroundings.

Thanks to its ecologically sustainable production characteristics, Architech/ has been granted the prestigious Ecolabel certification attesting to the eco-compatible value of the product. In addition, the Mineral and Forest colours contain 50% of pre-consumer market recyclate in the body. This characteristic has allowed the collection to qualify for the prestigious Recycled Contents certification issued by Bureau Veritas.

Finishes: matte, polished, bush-hammered

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

5 x 5 (mosaic tesserae)
10 x 60 (matte)
20 x 20 (matte)
20 x 80 (matte)
40 x 40 (matte - polished)
40 x 80 (matte - bush-hammered - polished)
60 x 120 (matte - polished)
60 x 60 (matte - bush-hammered - polished)