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TABLE F-1000
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Product description

A fold-away work table for individual use, fixed to the floor and completely independent of the seat. It is ideal for meeting rooms, conference centres and seminars and can be fitted in new or already existing installations.

The table is formed by a 13mm thick beech plywood top and has a surface area of 470mm x 370mm. It can be finished with two coats of polyurethane varnish, lacquered or even upholstered in leather. The tabletop is finished with two corner pieces made of painted aluminium. This tabletop is fitted in a box structure formed by two side columns acting as guides and a front that usually has the same finish as the table. The columns are made of extruded aluminium with a metallic finish and contain linear movement rails.

The simplicity and robustness of the design mean that this product is low maintenance.

The overall appearance is of a smart, perfect rectangle giving table rows impeccable continuity.

The table is opened by means of a simple, intuitive up-and-twist movement. This gives the user an ample working surface. The table has an anti-panic fold-away mechanism. This means that when the user gets up from the seat, this movement sends the table into the fold-way position, so that the hall is vacated quickly and the aisles are always left clear.

In folded position the table and column assembly only requires an extra 100mm of space between rows (in the absence of tiers and variable according to seat model). This increase is about 150mm if a conference box is assembled.

The assembly is independent of any seat, so it can be adapted to any room layout without reducing its capacity and is always properly lined up for the user. In addition, its independence with regard to the seat ensures that it is completely stable, as it is not affected by movement or vibration caused when the seat in front of it is occupied.

The upper, external side of the table can neatly incorporate a box ready to house electronic conference devices such as a microphone, voting system, simultaneous translation system, etc. This box, which is also made of extruded aluminium, fits the support column perfectly and does not interfere in the fold-up or fold-out mechanism. It can also incorporate a 220v power supply system, telephone connection and Internet connection.

Optionally, table F-1000 can be assembled on a channel mounted on the floor (the surface or built-in) allowing entire row wiring without the need to make channels when constructing. This type of assembly allows perfect table alignment and the ability to assemble and dismantle them easily.

Material: UNE L-2630
Density: 2.7 gr/cm3
Traction resistance: 240 MPa

Beech plywood.

Electrostatic polyester powder
Coat thickness: 70-80 microns
Cross-cut adhesion test: UNE-EN ISO 2409: 100%