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Automatic Telescopic Risers
Automatic Telescopic Risers
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- Figueras Telescopic Risers consist of different levels, each one sliding into the other until full opening or closing is reached. The opening and closing movements are automatically driven by a remote control pushbutton, from the front part of the riser, it can be positioned using pre-set positions. Once the seats are placed in horizontal position they remain located between both platforms.

- The concept of the Telescopic Risers allows you to set up multipurpose improving the criteria of visibility. Its versatility in design and configuration offers different options for integration with Mutasub and Mutamut systems in the back of the hall allowing the expansion of places to maintain the criteria of visibility and comfort.

- The structure of each module is able to withstand an estimated vertical load of 500Kgs/m2 and complies with all the regulations included in DIN 1055 load standards. Main framework, designed and built with steel profiles, it is linked to a vertical pillar by a bolted union to the floor guide-rail and support that allows angle and guide adjustment, the platforms structure is linked to the main structure by means of transversal arms that are fixed to an extruded profile with notches for the platform arms and main structure fixing bolts on the front and side parts of the platform. Design is based in optimization of inertia and dimensions that allow optimization of rigidity and weight. This permits to reach the loading requirements, rigidity and stability that provide the structure with the same comfort as for a fix structure.

- The telescopic riser lies on 100mm-diameter and 40mm-thick wheels, which are designed to withstand a 500 Kgs /m2 load of the risers. Wheels have a bearing belt manufactured in injected polyurethane with a monobloc nucleus made of high-density polyamide-6 (nylon) and bearings with steel rollers on a polyamide cage. Hardness is 98º shore “A” .

- Figueras Telescopic Risers are operated by an electric motor that sends power to a pulling unit group, or push/chain unit group, synchronized by electric system located in the front part of the riser, fixed to the first riser and carry out the folding and unfolding of the risers .

- The seat folding system can be manual or automatic, the seats will be placed in the union bars, in groups of 3 o 2. Each group has two mechanisms that allow the folding and unfolding of the seat, from vertical to horizontal stacking position.

- Automatic system has a group of lifters that, by rotation of the joint axis allows the unblocking of the vertical position of the group of seats and go back to the horizontal position. The movement is done by operating a pneumatic cylinder that is driven by an electrically-operated valve inside a control cabinet and the operation of the whole telescopic riser, which causes the vertical position unlocking and the horizontal position movement, thanks to the locking system, pneumatic power – compressed air- is only needed during the folding and unfolding processes of the telescopic riser.

- The system does not require any specific maintenance operations, except for annual checks and visual control on the telescopic riser operation.