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6400 Royale
6400 Royale
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Conference/Meeting-Conference chairs >

Product description

• This seat is designed specially for congress halls or corporate room, in all cases in VIP environments.
• These are extremely large individual seats with an external width of 93cm.
• The backrest and footrest positions can be regulated by individual electric motors that operate progressively and silently. They are operated by a touch control located on one of the armrests of the seat.
• Once the seat is vacated, the backrest and footrest automatically return to their initial position, which means that the hall or room always has an orderly appearance.
• It has a large GPL work table that is housed in the side of the seat and is completely integrated into it. The table is operated manually or by an electric motor.
• It may have communication, translation, voting and data or image transfer systems incorporated into it. In all cases, depending on the project needs.
• The foam on the seat and backrest has different hardnesses, in order to ensure maximum comfort, even when used for long periods of time.
• The standard finish is in natural leather, with micro-perforated zones to improve transpiration. The upholstery is completely artisan crafted.
• Reaction to fire: this product is compliant with all international regulations.