Product description

A seat designed for use in multi-purpose halls and specially suitable for lecture theatres.

Of generous dimensions both widthwise and depthwise, it provides the user with a high standard of comfort. The customised design of the backrest ensures that an image of continuity is obtained when the seats are formed into rows, thereby enhancing the appearance of the installation. The armrests form part of the structure. The seat and backrest are two independent parts. This means that the position of the backrest is not constrained by the position of the seat, and so back support is optimum. The fundamental feature of this chair is that it offers the choice of having the seat tip up automatically or being fixed in position like a conventional chair. This system, which comes as standard, means that the seat is permanently up when not in use. The advantage of this is that users will always be able to move freely along the gangways between rows, with the increased comfort and safety this implies. Thanks also to this feature, a hall's capacity can be increased by up to 15% without cutting down on either comfort or user safety. At the user's choice, the seat can be fixed in the open position so that the chair can be used for other purposes such as in dining rooms or meeting rooms, or as visitors' chairs. All these features make this an exceptionally versatile chair. It incorporates as standard a linking system allowing them to be formed into straight rows or curved rows with small radius. The chair can be easily stacked vertically. This is done with the seat in the fixed position. The maximum number of chairs that can be stacked in a single pile, depending on weight and height, is 15. Can be supplied with transportation trolley.
The structures are of aluminium, making them extremely lightweight and easy to handle. They can be finished in polyester powder paint and anodised to give a shiny appearance. Seat and backrest are upholstered in natural leather or fire-resistant material. May incorporate an anti-panic fold-away writing tablet. The writing tablet does not affect its stackability.


• Steel tube with special shape, welded with continuous arc.

• Electrostatic powder Polyester
• Coating thickness: 70-80 micras
• Grid adherence: UNE-EN ISO 2409: 100%

• Coating thickness: 20 micron minimum

• Fire Standars

Spain: UNE-EN 1021 Part 1 & 2
France: NF/P 92507
Italy: UNI 9175 Clase 1.IM
USA: CAL T.B. 133 (in approved fabric)

• UNE-EN 12727 Level 4 (intensive use).

• Material: UNE L-2630
• Density : 2,7 gr./cm3
• Breaking Load: 20 kg/ mm2

• 8,2 Kg.