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13040 Smart Plus GPL
13040 Smart Plus GPL
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This type of seat is designed for conference and congress halls. It stands out for its excellent balance between the level of comfort and the technology used to make all its components. The pads on the seat and backrest have a special ergonomic design. The seat has successfully passed all the ergonomic tests and trials conducted on it.

It is a modular seat with large dimensions, comprised of fully interchangeable elements. The minimum nominal distance between shafts is 60cm. This distance is not obtained by incorporating wider armrests or accessories between the seats, but by increasing the seat and backrest dimensions. This means that the real minimum space for users is 53cm, thus providing a considerable degree of comfort.

The seat and backrest are formed by two moulded polyurethane foam blocks, with an internal metallic structure and upholstery that is fully integrated into the foam using the INTEGRAL FORM system, with no seams or stitching. If required, the upholstery in leather finishes can be made by hand, with seams.

A fire curtain with a thickness of 5mm (TS System) is incorporated between the upholstery and the foam in the seat and backrest. This prevents the fire from penetrating to the foam, thus delaying the emission of toxic gases and flames. The backrest pad has an anatomic shape. The pad on the seat has an anatomic shape and is smooth, with no grooves or seams, to prevent dirt from building up on it. The seat and backrest are protected by moulded covers made of IF727 material which are easy to clean and protect the upholstery.

The seat has an automatic folding system through a double spring inserted in the seat tray (tested at 500,000 cycles), which requires no lubrication and is extremely silent.

The seat is mounted on two lateral legs joined by a central steel bridge and two lateral wings for securing the backrest and seat swivel supports.

The sides are completely upholstered. The bottom of the sides ends in a steel base that serves to secure the seat to the floor – a metal expansion plug system is concealed inside it.

These panels also have a large GPL model lectern with dimensions of 420x360mm made of varnished or lacquered wood that is housed in the sides of the seat and can be moved by means of an aluminium section with a sliding device. The movement is gentle, continuous and completely silent. The lectern is an anti panic device, as when the seat is vacated it is automatically stowed in the side of the seat, thus preventing the passages from being blocked in the event that the hall must be evacuated. The return movement is also silent thanks to a internal rubber buffer.

Each armrest is shared by two seats, except in the case of seats at the end of a row or in individual seat layouts. The armrests are made of solid noble wood varnished with a two-component polyurethane and are completely fireproof or properly upholstered.

Both the seat and backrest have the TX acoustic system, a series of holes in the rear tray which gives an excellent acoustic response. The seat and backrest may be completely upholstered without diminishing any of the acoustic properties.

The backrest may also have an HR finish. This type of backrest is characterised by having a headrest built into the backrest assembly, i.e., it is not detachable, but forms part of the backrest. This headrest system provides an obvious ergonomic benefit, since it is converted into a natural extension of the backrest and not an accessory element that is added to it.


Steel tube and plate, continuous-wire arc welding.

Seat density: 60-65 kg/m3
Backrest density: 50-55 kg/m3

Electrostatic polyester powder coating
Coat thickness: 70-80 microns
Grid adherence UNE-EN ISO 2409: 100%

Reaction to fire standards:

Spain: UNE-EN 1021 Parts 1 and 2
France: NF/P 92507
Italy: UNI 9175 Class 1.IM
USA: CAL T.B. 133 (with approved fabric)

UNE-EN 12727 Level 4 (heavy use).

Material: UNE L-2630
Density: 2.7 gr/cm3
Breaking load: 20 kg/mm2

Material: IF-727 copolymer polypropylene
DIN53455 breaking resistance: 28 N/mm2
DIN53453 shock resistance: no breaking


0.21 m3 (dismounted)