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13037-63 Rhombus GPL
13037-63 Rhombus GPL
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Seating-Auditorium seating >
Seating-Auditorium seating >

Product description

A complete working unit: seat and folding table integrated into a seat with organic design. Spacious and interchangeable elements. Fully upholstered.

· The seat incorporates a GPL mod. lectern in the side panels. Largesized lectern - 42 x 36 cm. - manufactured in varnished wood that can also be lacquered. The lectern stows away in the side of the seat and folds in and out by means of an aluminium guide. Smooth, continuous and completely silent movement thanks to the integration of the Soft System. The lectern is anti-panic, whereby when the seat is vacated, it automatically folds away into the side of the seat, thereby preventing the gangway from becoming blocked in the event of the hall having to be evacuated.
· The seat and backrest are composed of two blocks of moulded polyurethane foam that incorporate an internal metal structure, with flat springs and the upholstery is fully integrated into the foam by means of the Integral Form system, without seams or stitching. Both are upholstered and protected with a polypropylene shell that protects the upholstery at the rear.
· The backrest padding is anatomically contoured, with lumbar support and a headrest, and incorporates diamond patterns in the body to give added comfort.
· The seat padding is anatomically shaped and smooth without any channels or grooves, in order to prevent the build-up of dirt.
· The seat tips up automatically by means of an extremely quiet double spring system inserted inside the seat shell (tested to 500,000 cycles). It requires no lubrication of any kind.
· The seat is mounted on two legs manufactured in high-density wood and upholstered. It incorporates a housing system for the ball-andsocket joint, including a locking mechanism, into which the seat axis fits. This enables easy seat replacement without having to dismantle the seat.
· The sides are joined to a steel base, through which the seat is attached to the floor with hidden metal expansion bolts. The seat adapts to the specific slope of the floor at its base. Rows are formed by interconnected seats, ensuring rigid and stable row configuration, reinforcing the anchorage to the floor.
· Fire response: this product complies with international regulations.

· Steel tube and plate, arc welding with continuous wire feed.
Polyurethane foam:
· Seat density: 60-65 Kg/m3
· Backrest density: 50-55 Kg/m3
· Electrostatic polyester powder
· Coat thickness: 70-80 micron
· Grid adherence UNE-EN ISO 2409: 100%.
· TABER abrasion test: 500 cycles
· Finish layer adhesion >2.5 N/cm2 according to ISO 11644 / IUF 470 E.
· Colour fastness to rubbing. Dry (1000 cycles) >4 Grey Scale according to DIN EN ISO 11640.
· Fire standards:
· Spain: UNE-EN 1021 Parts 1 and 2´
· Material: Copolymer Polypropylene IF-727
· Traction resistance (ISO 527-2): 26 MPa
· Elasticity modulus: (ISO 527-2): 1250 MPa
Finished Product
· UNE-EN 12727 Level 4 (heavy use).