This seat is designed for conference halls, corporate rooms or auditoriums that require an extremely comfortable product with large dimensions. The size and design of the backrest and seat aims to give an image that transmits comfort and a high standard of quality. The position of the backrest and seat have been studied for this type of use. The optimum working position is in combination with the F-45 table.

Technical description:
The seat has side panels that are fixed to the floor by a support and a steel plate. The side panels are joined to each other by a metal tube structure. Together with the lateral supports that secure it to the floor, they form the basic structure of the row. This assembly is extremely rigid and the rest of the components will be fixed to it. The top part of the side panels is fully upholstered and they have flexible PUR foam inside them, to provide a soft, comfortable texture in the armrest zone.

Backrest and seat:
Both components are made using the same technology. The flexible PUR foam injected into the mould using the "integral form" system makes it possible to produce the upholstery, foam and steel structure with springs in the form of a single block. This system guarantees the absence of seams on the upholstery or losses of volume in the foam. In the event of replacement, a part that is exactly identical to the original is guaranteed.

The different densities used for the seat and backrest provide optimum comfort. The rear part of the backrest is protected by an injected polypropylene tray with a “print colour” coating. The backrest is fixed to the main seat structure, thereby ensuring perfect alignment.
The seat is made with the same technology and has a "tip up" return system that uses helical springs and supports the rotating shafts on both sides of the seat. The seat tray has the same finish as the backrest. Both the backrest tray and the seat tray are perforated, to provide better sound absorption.

Optional finishes.
• Seat and backrest trays completely upholstered
• Artisan upholstery in natural leather or eco leather.


• Steel tube and plate, continuous-wire arc welding.

• Seat density: 65kg m3
• Backrest density: 57kg m3

• Electrostatic epoxy powder coating
• Coat thickness: 70-80 microns
• Grid adherence: 100%

• Pilling: Index 5 BS 5811

• Material: IF-727 copolymer
• DIN53455 breaking resistance:
28 N/mm2
• DIN53453 shock resistance:
no breaking

BS5852. Section 5. Ignition Sources 0, 1 and 5

DIN54342 Teil 1 und 2

CSE RF/4/83 classe 1. IM

UNE 23727/NF 92-503
Tapicería: M1/Espuma: M4/Plástico: M3

CAL T.B. 133 (with approved fabric)