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Voyage Marrakech*
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Voyage, tales of emotions.

A new experience of suggestive colours …this is Voyage, the new white body tiling collection by Fap ceramiche which takes you on a splendid journey of emotions.

With Voyage you can relax in an embracing environment that smells of history, transmitting a sense of tranquillity and well-being through an image of rich decorations with warm, evocative colours.

Colour is the main star in this collection, and its shades inspired by plant and mineral worlds and the tactile three-dimensionality of the material make the natural light in the surrounding environment vibrate.
The colours Blanc, Caramel, Cendre, Doré, Lillas, Olive and Rouge thus become a language used to undertake marvellous journeys to discover new realities.
Voyage evokes the sophistication and grace of centuries-old craft skills, its decorations telling the story of rich, hand-painted fabrics, antique embossed glass, precious ceramics, rare lithographies and ornamental panels.
A collection dedicated to those who love to fill their spaces with an incredible emotional charge.

This new collection also includes the large rectified format, 30.5x91.5 cm, and six exclusive decorations: elegant and sophisticated surfaces that, with great compositional freedom, can become “paintings” for unique ornamental walls, carrying the memory of distant lands.

Rio: fresh and natural, this floral decoration is reminiscent of warm Brazilian lands;
Kyoto: inspired by the shape of the Kanji, rigorous symbols of Japanese writing, brings with it the discovery of the elegance and majesty of this culture;
Venezia: a journey revealing the charm of one of the world's most beautiful cities. Fragments of pieces of Greek columns accompany magical phrases;
Madrid: refined and extremely feminine, celebrating the art of lace, a tradition whose roots lie deep in the history of Madrid. Fap ceramiche offers the chance to purchase this decoration by the m2 rather than by the piece: a bonus allowing you to decorate the bathroom respecting the policy of low prices without compromising on the quality or design of the materials;
Marrakech: a double shiny and opaque surface, with particularly precise details, and relief ornaments, with an "Arabian nights" style at a glance it carries us to this marvellous Moroccan city;
Boston: a strong, creative and dynamic decoration, with a clever game of decomposition and recomposition of ceramic trapezes, with perfectly balanced colours, adding a wonderful optical effect to the wall.

Voyage is an experience of emotions that cross borders, leaving the bathroom setting to penetrate other rooms, as the kitchen or the living room, in residential and contract settings.

The new collection is completed by a range of special pieces to design rooms right down to the finest detail; it is also possible to match it with porcelain stoneware floors from other collections.
Bathrooms created with this new range can also be fitted with the collection of ceramic accessories, Fap+.

Fap ceramiche is ever-closer to architects and retailers, offering a new service: the catalogue includes several tiling solutions for the same bathroom setting. An instrument that guarantees customers the possibility to choose the decoration that best reflects their own personality.

Voyage: an evocative, journey, rich in thrilling experiences.