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Futura Riflesso Prugna*
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Product description

15 x 56 cm


Diamond processing provided the inspiration for Futura, Fap Ceramiche’s latest collection, a harmonious fusion of traditional decorative features and modern essentiality.
A new collection of 15x56 cm rectified, white body tiles with a sophisticated satin finish and diagonal nuances of color.

Futura is an authentic aesthetic bridge connecting two expressive universes: a new rectified order and a timeless, classic-contemporary style, with no joints.
A covering to be displayed as a “precious gem” that wraps bathrooms in a warm and inviting atmosphere, unique with its refined tones, which depict the space with a soft, deep luminescence and silky finish.
A play on volume covering the walls like a second skin whose expressive force is released by its unique production: because diamonds are synonymous with elegance and elegance is synonymous with diamonds!
The pure form of a diamond holds, in its shape and origins, all of graphic and chromatic culture’s contaminations, restoring them with a new expressive force able to satisfy any style requirements.
The collection incorporates surprising tones due to their originality and natural style, which create new, intense, and refined possibilities, but also feature new decorations for the first time on the tiles themselves, which cause the space to vibrate with energy from their chromatic subtleties and the variety in their textures. Striped and damask patterns with photographic or relief images able to interpret any personality in pursuit of the desire to enjoy covering a space with your own style, beyond time.

Futura has a new aesthetic language with earthy, vegetal and mineral inspired nuances, including gypsum, plum, clay, and coffee. This line features 10 colors for tiles: Chalk, Plum, Clay, Coffee, Dust, Ice, Olive, Sage, Petrol, Sand and 6 colours for floors: Petrol, Dust, Plum, Coffee, Olive, and Clay.