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Product description

floor tile
30,5x30,5 cm


Brillante: incredible, it’s ceramic!

From the skills of Fap ceramiche in creating complete solutions comes Brillante, the new collection of ultrathin, ultra-polish white body tiles with coordinated porcelain stoneware floor tiles. One large size – 30.5x91.5 cm, rectified – just 5.5 mm thick, runs along the walls to create a sophisticated striped marble texture, with a vein which tells a centuries-old story.

The extraordinary design skill of Fap ceramiche is shown concretely in the presence of original special trims, all finished with the range of coordinated TonoSuTono grouts. This particular element is used to create perfect bathrooms, with attention right down to the last detail. The tiling becomes total, absolutely complete, like a veil laid over the floors and walls. This is one of the winning features of Fap ceramiche, which has always paid attention to the most advanced technological research, to create effective design solutions with unique beauty.

New colours and decorations, evocative and shining, study marble from a unique point of view, examining the thousand aspects of the material and discovering hidden qualities and features, for increasingly sophisticated ideas. 5 exclusive colours: Brown, Champagne, Fumè, Lemon, Quartz.

Marble is reinterpreted with Brillante in an ultrathin tile, which maintains its strength and character but dresses it up in a new, lightweight and impalpable meaning. A contrast which becomes the expression guiding thread of this perfect synergy.
Its thickness allows Brillante to be laid on existing tiles, becoming an exclusive partner for creating practical bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, veritable works of art which pay attention to the demands of modern environments.
With this collection, Fap ceramiche once again declares its attention to protecting the environment. An absolutely cutting-edge production technology has made it possible to create this ultra-thin product, limiting the use of raw materials, water, energy and above almost negligible amounts of waste – which is in any case correctly disposed of or recycled – and harmful substances.

The bathrooms created with this new range can be combined with the Fap+ collection of ceramic accessories.

Brillante: under the sign of lightness!