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Bloom Star Beige
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White body | BEIGE 80x160 - th. 8.5 | PRINT BEIGE 80x160 - th. 10.5 | STAR BEIGE 80x160 - th. 10.0 | BEIGE MOSAICO 30,5x30,5 - th. 8.5 | BEIGE PRINT ESAGONO MOSAICO 29,5x35 - th. 8.5 | BEIGE STAR ESAGONO MOSAICO 29,5x35 - th. 8.5 | DANDELION INSERTO MIX 3 160x240 - th. 8.5 | DELAVE INSERTO MIX 3 160x240 - th. 8.5

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The largest wall tile is Bloom, by FAP ceramiche. The brand-new 80x160 cm size brings a seamless look to spaces, expressing the personality of the people living in the home thanks to the new patterns and endless application options. This new series of white-body tiles can be used to create walls with surprising graphics and as few joints as possible; until now, no-one had ventured into the production of such large white-body wall tiles. Precisely because of the white body, the 80x160 cm slabs are light, easy to cut and perforate, and – last but not least – easy to handle. Large surfaces are perfect for enhancing the beauty of the slabs, and Bloom can be used to create walls with a wallpaper effect by teaming three different slabs up to a standard ceiling height of 240 cm.

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Brand story

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With their new Bloom collection, Italian ceramic specialist FAP CERAMICHE is launching the largest white-body wall tile on the market, enabling surfaces that offer maximum visual continuity and fill bathrooms with personality.