From Patt's experience and Fantoni Group research, another step forward towards total well-being: due to its special properties, 60x60 system is suspended ceiling that enhances its environment in every sense. Its sound absorption characteristics, its versatility and the choice of two different types of bar - flat or channelled - make it possible to elegantly finish any tipe of space and to create ahigh-prestige environments.

The sistem allows a wide variety of design solutions, using panels with smooth or perforated surface. The different drillings not only provide a wide range of sound deadening levels, but also allow the use of numerous combinations to give a touch of aesthetic elegance to the environment. 60x60 System is available in four standard finishes, from the simplicity of withe, to the warmth of wood and the high-tech sheen of aluminium.

Designed to tone with the most widely varying surroundings, based on a single 592x592 mm module size, this system combines versatile appearance with a host of tried and tested technical features: made using low emission (Class E1) MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) panels, 60x60 System conforms to the strictest quality standards and is also available in Class 1 flame-retardant version. Other colours are also available on request.