Product description

Tiles format:
25 x 25 mm / 1” x 1”
Sheet dimensions:
31,2 x 49,5 cm / 15.43” x 19.49”

Product family


Safety or beauty? There’s no need to choose

Designed for young children discovering the world with their first faltering steps, and for older people who have limited mobility. Because we know that as well as choosing a carefully designed mosaic, you are choosing safety. Just as that provided by our Non-slip collection, Anti. Safe, decorative surfaces, brilliance and beauty.
Not a cause for concern, just delight.

JointPoint ® mounted
Order unit: 2 m²/sqm
100% recycled glass
Thickness: 4.8mm / 0.189”
Main use:
-Floor and wall covering of both exterior and interior.
-Spa and wellness center.
-Kitchens and bathrooms
-Swimming pools.