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Comfortable, inflatable 6 seater
DoNuts is a surprising table-seating combination. The inflatable seating part out of dark grey nylon ballistic carries a polyester table top out of white, fibre glass reinforced polyester. When leaning against the highly ergonomic table border, you will experience the comfort of a perfect back-rest. Or when joining the table, there is plenty of space for everybody. Donuts' seating part looks like a huge doughnut with a 1.9m diameter, allowing at least 6 persons to join the table.

Easy to move around
DoNuts provides mobility in the garden. You move the table where you wish to use it: on the terrace, on the grass, in the sun or in the shadow. enjoy the weather, do nuts! 

We can also offer a huge round neoprene placemat that goes with the DoNuts.

DoNuts mission
A fun seating-table combination you can transport very easily. Donuts communicates happiness and simplicity, time to enjoy the funny things in life and ‘do nuts’.

Key points
A nutty aspect in combination with a nice sitting comfort results in a surprising design, which makes DoNuts a real eye catcher.

A range of different colours
To personalise or brand your DoNuts table Extremis offers several colour options for the part you sit on: First of all, DoNuts’ seating is now available in 3 new standard colours: red, orange and green. Moreover other colours are available e.g. grey, marine blue, wine red, black, cobalt blue, but only in multiples of 9 pieces. With the optional possibility to embroid a (company) logo on the seating part, your DoNuts becomes a very original eye catcher.

The tube of the DoNut is made of ballistic nylon, a very strong textile which is easy to clean with a wet towel and with regular soap water. Remember it still remains a textile and you should always be careful with sharp objects or floors. The tabletop is made of polyester which allows to create very nice round shapes. Thanks to the gentle curves we created a stronger construction that also lets rain and/or dirt flow away. The Donuts tabletop is easy to clean with regular soap.

Although DoNuts is an inflatable object, it is not a floating or a life saving device.  Because of its asymmetrical shape, and when used on water, the table can tip over.