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Festival City, Dubai
Festival City, Dubai
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In 2015, shops, leisure facilities, hotels, schools, offices and residential space built on an area measuring over 650 hectares directly on the waterfront in Dubai will begin to be consolidated as a city within the city. An extensive design proposal for the illumination of the streets within the entire area obviously plays an important role in a project of this magnitude.

Our work was based on a concept developed by the Californian light design studio Visual Terrain. In collaboration with the designer in charge, ewo developed a whole new family of luminaires based on the same vocabulary of forms within a very short time. While progressing from the idea to the prototype, we developed technical and constructive solutions for every one of the 13 models. For this project, we produced over 700 luminaires measuring between 3.5 and 14 metres in height in Kurtatsch and then shipped them to the UAE.

While our capabilities were clearly needed to come to terms with the dimensions of the project, we were really put to the test by the double helix form that was chosen for the project. There was no established production process for the conically tapered tubular construction and its three dimensional twists, so we developed a process for this project and had it patented.