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Cement -bound large -format wooden chipboard with raw and ground surface. The independent material character is characterized by the natural raw material components.

- Fire resistance class F30
- Brand indicator 6q.3

For visible laying
Cempan Rustic (sanded) available in two formats:
2600 x 1250 x 12/18/22 mm and 3100 x 1250 x 12/18/22 mm.

For invisible laying
Cempan (unpolished) available in two formats:
2600 x 1250 x 18 mm and 3100 x 1250 x 18 mm

Cempan (sanded) available in two formats:
2600 x 1250 mm and 3100 x 1250 mm In the strengths: 12, 14, 16, 18, 22 mm

Application: ,
- àsthetic applications
- cabinet fronts
- Perforated applications (acoustics)
- partition walls and ceiling cladding
- soundproofing walls
- Stair railings

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Cempan and Cemcolor offer a wide range of design options with very independent
Material character. Drilling, milling, grinding, sawing, painting - creativity can run free
be left. In addition to their appearance, the Cempan and Cemcolor also meet
High demands on fire protection and soundproofing


Cemcolor | Anthracite

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