Product description

Use the technical module for the installation of power outlets and switches close to doors.

Solid Hinged Doors, Glazed Hinged Doors. The handle includes an unlocking button on the inside and a look barrel on the outside. Hinge with triple-regulation support.

The rails are applied along the entire development of the wall; ; adjustable feet accessible also when wall is fully assembled; pusher equipped with a spring capable of absorbing any oscillation of the ceiling;

Product family


WallTech is the meeting between absolute functionality and pure design in office partitions, even self-supporting frame structures which adapt to any layout and any need.

Free-standing partition with frame system, immediately reveals qualities and performances that are indispensable for living in a work place: light-weight and essential structure, adaptable to the layout and requirements of the space planner, vast range of blind and glass modules, easy installation, high quality acoustic isolation, compatible with all Estel partition systems.