Key facts

Product description

The hanging modules with sliding or hinged doors must be placed on the upper part of the wall covering at least every 20 cm (7”7/8) in width. They can be installed on panels H80 (31”1/2), H60 (23”5/8) or H40 (15”3/4) cm. Only H43 (16”7/8)/ 63 (24”3/4)/ 83 (32”5/8) superior panels are aligned with boiserie; the top of the hanging modules, placed on base or intermediate panels, is 3 cm (1”1/8) higher that the panel itself, in order to allow alignment. Hanging modules with sliding doors are quoted adding the price of the structure (available in melamine, sablé lacquered or veneer finish) to the price of the doors.
Hanging modules can be installed with different combinations of doors following the drawings below. The maximum slide for each door is equal to its width.
Below are shown the combinations of hanging modules with sliding doors. Additional dividing panels can be placed at least every 20 cm (7”7/8).

Product family


E-wall system consists of several furnishing elements, such as shelves, Carabottini, P35 hanging modules with hinged or sliding door and D50 storage units, that are fixed on wooden panels (E-Wall-Boiserie). The modular decorative wooden panels have three different heights 40/60/80 cm. The standard thickness is 36 mm, but on request, for cable management it can be 60 mm thick. E-wall is available in a wide range of dimensions, finishes and materials. The base storage units can be fixed directly on the wall without the Boiserie (E-Wall Free).