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Cool Plastic
Cool Plastic
Escofet 1886 >
Otto Canalda >, Ramón Ubeda >
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Seating-Stools >

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Polypropylene LPDE / Translucent White or Black / Micro-textured. / Free-standing / 47x42x57cm: 6 Kg


History of a buttock (by Ramon Ubeda)

The concept of the chair and the concept of the buttock are closely related, but there's no doubt: the buttock was first. Jorge Wagensberg said as much in the preface I asked him to write for a book that told the story of the chair. He explained that hominids developed them for walking while they were evolving as a species, but discovered their usefulness for sitting long before the chair was invented. It was so logical that it stuck in my mind. I had just published another book entitled Sex Design, and I started to prepare an exhibition about the same subject, focused on bathroom, called Bath Love, which is where the idea of the buttock as a seat took shape. Carved in marble and treated as a work of art. Thinking about how art can also be useful, I then broached the possibility of producing the seat seriously, and mass-producing it for the market. I set to work with Otto Canalda, and discovered that ABR was the producer with the right mixture of courage, humour and a pinch of impetuosity needed to market a seat that seems to be modelled on the buttocks of David himself. Almost ten years later, our beloved Cul has been accepted in the renowned Escofet catalogue, where it has begun a new journey, renamed as "Cool".

COOL is available in concrete with an acid etched finish, a soft texture and the standard range of colours, as well as in Roto-molded plastic with a microtexture finish, and in black and white. Other colours available on request.