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Eyes EJ 2-A-M
Eyes Arm
Erik Jørgensen >
Johannes Foersom >, Peter Hiort-Lorenzen >
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Seating-Chairs >
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Product description

H 84 x W 59 x D 58 cm
Seat height: 45 cm

Product family


The design duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen add a new member to the Eyes collection

The Eyes Arm chair embraces you with open arms and is the latest addition to Erik Jørgensen’s Eyes family from designers Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen. With the small armrest, the chair has gained yet another human dimension.

Moulded Elegance
Eyes is moulded furniture elegance with unique upholstery work, which enhances the craftsmanship behind the design of the chair. Eyes Arm also has the distinctive two buttons in the back of the chair, which are characteristic of the Eyes collection.

“Eyes Arm is the perfect meeting chair, as the small armrest supplies the support that you require when sitting down for a longer period of time, without it dominating the appearance of the chair” says Niels Jørgensen, Director of Erik Jørgensen Furniture.

Endless Possibilities
The legs are executed in oak and, just as with the other chairs in the collection, they have been made more round to match the organic expression of the chairs. The wood adds a sense of warmth to a meeting room, living room or dining room. Just like the other chairs in the Eyes collection, it is possible to choose a steel frame. The look of the chair can also be changed by the choice of legs, textile, leather, colour and buttons.

The Eyes chair collection also consist of Eyes Lounge, Eyes Wood, Eyes Bar and Eyes.