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EJ 60
EJ 60
Erik Jørgensen >
Johannes Foersom >, Peter Hiort-Lorenzen >
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Seating-Armchairs >
Lounge area/Waiting room-Lounge chairs >
Seating-Armchairs >
Lounge area/Waiting room-Lounge chairs >

Product description

EJ-60-1 armchair
W 84 x D 82 x H 75/42 cm


EJ 60, with the fastened square bolsters, is an accurate and timeless piece. The forward-set dynamic of the armrest design is stimulating to the aesthetic sense, and the separate side elements of the seat and back create a clear partition which exquisitely signals a welldefined space for the occupant. As a whole EJ 60 presents itself with a sense of monumental character. It is the result of the co-operation between Erik Jørgensen and Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen. Today EJ 60 can be found at The Danish National Gallery and has been used on several occasions by TV-stations. An occasion was the announce-ment of the engagement between crown prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson.

Covers: Fixed
Foam: Molded polyurethane foam.
Legs: Mat chromed steel.
Cushions: Molded polyurethane foam
Fabric: Topas, Tonus, Hallingdal, Divina, Tundra, Flora, single coloured Kasmir and Alcantara.