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From the world of music, where the combination of different rhythms equals an aesthetic and harmonic expression, came the name ‘SHUFFL’. SHUFFL is a modular sofa with a focus on design, craftsmanship and rhythm. With SHUFFL the possibilities are endless.

‘I often work from my sofa where I draw, research and use my computer. Therefore, I have, for a long time, wanted to create a sofa that would meet my requirements for flexibility, storage and comfort. The result was SHUFFL: the perfect sofa for the workplace or for a university or library,’ explains designer Anne Boysen.

SHUFFL is a modular sofa with numerous possible combinations and applications. The design creates a beautiful asymmetric flow, which adds a fresh and dynamic twist to the sofa.

The sofa consists of several modules which can be combined in different ways. It is like an asymmetric landscape with plant boxes that function as both a table and a room divider. Within the table there is also a hidden storage space where you can keep your briefcase, papers etc. The frame, plant boxes and table are executed in oak. The back of the sofa is available in different heights.

A nice, special detail is the thick crease which establishes the mood of the sofa, and at the same time emphasises Erik Joergensen’s expertise with upholstery.

‘I wanted the sofa to show a high level of craftsmanship, which is why I spent a long time focusing on the details. The crease was one of the details that was very important to me as it sets the tone for the entire expression of the sofa. The crease is vertical and highlights the rhythm of the sofa, along with the tight lines. It creates a sense of connectedness,’ says Boysen.

The system can be combined in countless ways, which make it possible to accommodate many different functions and demands for interior decoration of public spaces. The modules of the system differ by 24 cm, which make the system flexible when adjusting to different surroundings. The sofa is also available in a more classic version as a 3.5-seater or a 2-seater sofa.