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Soft Ware
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Just as how, in computer science, the hardware provides physical support for the creativity expressed through the software, so in outdoor furnishings, the “hardware” of Emu’s solid furniture now accommodates the lightness of its new Soft Ware collection: personalised fabrics in a variety of colours, designs, and textures that further enhance the furnishings by improving comfort and allowing for nearly unlimited colour combinations and customisations.

Emu’s Soft Ware products are made exclusively in Italy with Italian materials of the highest quality: fabrics designed exclusively for Emu out of acrylic dyed en masse with excellent resistance to the sun and the elements for an outdoor experience free of limitations; soft, resilient padding that conforms to the user’s contours but immediately resumes its original form; and zippers concealed within eco-leather details that hide the sliders.

The ten solid colour choices draw inspiration and take their names from natural stones while the ten exclusive patterns in geometric, floral, and striped motifs on double-faced jacquard give the products a new distinction.
The custom take-away packaging allows the product to be easily arranged in shop displays and carried home.

Colours: pearl, silver, carnelian, aquamarine, diamond