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Thanks to the nano-particles they are made of, the upholstery fabrics benefit from extremely high resistance properties to bad weather conditions, UV light, salt water, chlorinated water, wear out, and therefore benefit from an excellent lifespan.

These fabrics resist all sorts of stains and wine, ketchup or others easily removed without a trace. However it must be noted that discolorations from denim or other textiles are excluded from the warranty.

4 leather effect patterns:
- TV 238: 8 colors/ grained leather effect
- TV 239: 5 colors/ ostrich skin effect
- TV 240: 10 colors/ leather effect
- TV 241: 3 colors/ leather plaiting effect

Use: outdoor seating (100 000 T Martindale)
Width 140cm

Composition: 88% PVC 10%PL 2% high tech nano composite

- Light resistance 7-8 out of 8 according to norm ISO105-B04
- Fire resistance certificate EN1021 Part 1+2
- British standard certificate BS 5852-IUS 0+1
- CRIB 5

Sampling: collection and architect card

+Product: fire resistant, outdoor, 100 000T Martindale, resistance to UV, salt water, oil, chlorinated water; long lifespan, easy maintenance