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Geisha | Shibuya RM 750 90
Geisha | Shibuya
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The art of excellence, natural luxury. Craftsmen combine their skills between classicism and modernity. Creativity and a discreet elegance are in perfect harmony. Shinjuku, Ginza, Roppongi, 3 fabrics pleats. Shibuya, pearly paper pleats; Cebu and Boracaï, twisted or crumpled tinted papers, handmade.

Exceptional wall coverings on non woven backing.
4 textile pleats, following on Joyaux and Ecrin (Collection ALLIANCES 2011), and 2 handmade wall coverings.

Spongeable, random match except RM 751

Handcrafted production of RM 643 & RM 644: paper strips are twisted then hand-dyed.
RM 643: the paper strips are then unwound, and glued to the backing.
RM 644: the paper twists are hand woven together then glued to the backing.

Sampling: collection and one architect card per pattern

Shibuya RM 750 : 4 colors/ 135cm/ iridescent paper pleats with a mineral feel