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Range of recessed adjustbale die-cast aluminium units designed to meet many lighting engineering requirements. The system`s flexibility is based on the use of interchangeable light sources, which can create various luminous scenarios.
Installed elementary volumes, which differ in shape and dimension, establish a dialogue with the architectural space by marking its surface with a rhythmic sequence either in relief of flush with the wall or completely recessed.
Performances and effects are multiplied by the numberless options of free aggregation with solutions that are integrated with other functional systems.

Recessed adjustable die-cast aluminim alloy lighting unit with a square layout. Produced in two sizes (93 mm and 186 mm). A simple connection element enables the outside frame to link up many units of both sizes. Man configurations, which differ in number and type of light source, can also be obtained. The installed device projects 1 cm from the surface. A system of die-cast aluminium rings with a bayonet closure ensures easy access to the bulb. All aluminium integrated reflectors specially designed for Luceplan`s Elementi have pure metal plating applied.