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EFG Allegro
EFG Allegro
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Office chairs-Task chairs >

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EFG Allegro is available with manual adjustment or synchro adjustment. Each chair has simple, easy to use functions so that you can find your own personal working position.

• Adjustable seat height.
• Available with or without headrest.
• Fabric covered seat and back. HR upholstered.
• 5 castors, Ø 60 mm unbraked for hard floors.
• Accessories: Adjustable armrests, aluminium five star base, pneumatic back support, 35 mm less seat depth, CMHR-foam.
• Accessories five star base: Unbraked castors for soft floors, intervally braked castors for hard floors, plastic glides.
• Guarantee: 5 years liability for defects resulting from faulty design, materials or workmanship.
• Tested according to: EN 1335-1, EN 1335-2, EN 1335-3, EN 1021-1.
• Durability: Tested for 8 hours a day normal use by person weighing up to 110 kgs.

Manual adjustment:
• Manual adjustment, the seat and back are released and locked separately in optional position.
• Adjustable back height and back angle.
• Some of the chairs have adjustable seat slope 6° forward, 4° backward.
• Some of the chairs have adjustable tilt facility with forward slope, and adjustable resistance.
• Selected models are available with sliding seat 70 mm.
• Two types of backs.
• Model description EFG Allegro manual adjustment: EFG Allegro 910, 930.
• Model description EFG Allegro manual adjustment with seat slope: EFG Allegro 911, 912, 931 and 932.

Synchro adjustment:
• Synchro adjustment, which simultaneously adjusts the seat and back to each other at a ratio of 1:2. Levers release
and lock seat and back in optional position.
• Adjustable resistance in synchro mechanism.
• Adjustable back height.
• Sliding seat 70 mm.
• Two types of backs.
• Model description EFG Allegro synchro adjustment: EFG Allegro 911 synchro, 912 synchro, 931 synchro and 932 synchro.