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Touch&Steam with Smart 65 door
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A simple, elegant glass panel conceals state-of-the-art steam-producing technology. Touch-screen controls light up the glass panel like magic, for effortless selection of the various functions, including warm air circulation, steam and colour therapy. Effegibi crosses a new frontier with Touch&Steam, the line that can be fitted in any shower or hammam environment, available in 3kW to 6kW versions, a startling combination of design and performance that’s simply unique. The flow of steam is lit up by leds in the bottom of the Touch&Steam. The option of using perfumed essences allows aromatherapy to be delivered through the steam.

23 x h 16,5 cm

counterbox dimensions:
40 x 10,3 x h 17,3 cm

absorbed power:
touch&steam 30: 3,0 kW max - 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 400 V 3N ~ 50 Hz
touch&steam 45: 4,5 kW max - 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 400 V 3N ~ 50 Hz
touch&steam 60: 6,0 kW max - 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 400 V 3N ~ 50 Hz
touch&steam 90: 9,0 kW max - 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 400 V 3N ~ 50 Hz

screen-printed tempered glass panel
painted aluminium

equipped column comprehensive of:
Illumination with RGB LED chromotherapy, 4 fixed colours, 4 dynamic cycles and white light
Touch-screen control panel with backlit icons and temperature gauge
Built in steam generator
-automatic boiler cleaning system
-water flow rate control system
-automatic water drainage system
-automatic energy saver function

Power Steam:
Forced ventilation steam diffusion system complete with containers for essential oils /aromatherapy
Warm air function:
Forced ventilation heating system with unit preheating function
Audio set-up with built-in speaker