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Straight Stairs Glass TRE-609
Straight Stairs Glass TRE-609
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Glass Stairs / Straight Stairs

Glass Stairs
Glass staircases add exclusivity to any setting, whether in a private residence, a commercial or industrial building, in a modern location or traditional interior. Glass treads look stunning in combination with other materials and make every EeStairs® glass staircase a veritable eye-catcher.
The EeStairs® LongLast solution ensures that the glass treads remain anti-slip, durable and safe. The diffused surface also provides privacy from prying eyes below. EeStairs can produce glass staircases in any style, as a main staircase or an exclusive staircase for example. The transparent nature of glass makes it possible to incorporate a picture or logo in the treads or on landings. LED lighting can also be incorporated to reinforce the unique character of every design: stylish and bold.

Straight Stairs
Open sides, against a wall, between two walls, or with a half or quarter landing? Are the treads to be open or closed? Although straight flights of stairs are basically simple in design being straight, many options are available. EeStairs is very appreciative of this and makes straight staircases functional or exclusive, depending on what you are looking for.
We draw up an initial design based on your wishes and the space in which the EeStairs®straight staircase is to be installed. All sorts of options are available in terms of material, finish and style. If you are looking for a simple steel fire escape, prices start at about 3,000 Euros. The most exclusive creations using glass or stone start at about 30,000 Euros. Whatever you choose, quality and creativity are paramount. EeStairs always ensures the most suitable straight flight of stairs for any interior.