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Helical | Floating Stairs Wood TWE-549
Helical | Floating Stairs Wood TWE-549
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Helical Stairs Wood / Floating Stairs Wood

Helical Stairs
Helical stairs, sometimes referred to as curved stairs, lead you upstairs in an flowing arc. This makes these stairs ideal for retail, showrooms and other public spaces, but they also look glamorous in an office or residential location. Helical stairs are a statement, often used as a main staircase or exclusive staircase. These stairs frequently consists of two rolled stringers, with the treads attached between them. Helical stairs do not have a central column setting it apart from spiral stairs.
By combining various materials and designs the possibilities for helical stairs are almost unlimited. A steel structure is the most cost effective, starting from approximately 11,000 euros. When combined with other materials, such as stainless steel, glass or stone, the staircase becomes more exclusive and expensive, with prices starting at approximately 45,000 euros. Whichever variant you choose, an EeStairs® helical staircase will always be an eye-catcher: elegant, the crowning glory for your interior.

Floating Stairs
When it comes to creating an impressive look, EeStairs® floating staircases are in a class of their own. That may explain why they’re so popular and so intriguing. The floating treads are attached on one side, either to a wall or a stringer. On the opposite side they are unsupported, giving the appearance that they are ‘floating’ in space. Structurally there is no need for a railing, however it is possible to mount one, either on or against the steps.
Floating staircases frequently have wooden, glass or stone steps, but other materials are possible too. And although regulations prevent EeStairs from producing certain designs, the EeStairs® floating staircase selection is still large. We can, for instance, apply the floating staircase structure to spiral staircases, curved stairs, straight stairs or quarter turn stairs: it’s entirely up to you!