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EeSoffit Curved
EeSoffit Curved
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EeSoffit Curved
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EeSoffit Curved

Due to the overwhelming popularity of EeStairs’ latest invention production has been expanded to meet the high demand. Whereas, previously, stucco plasterwork was almost the only finish available for the underside of a staircase, EeStairs has created a new revolutionary finish called EeSoffit.

EeStairs manufactures staircases in a variety of shapes, materials and applications. Despite this diversity, all EeStairs staircases have something in common – a high quality finish. EeStairs is always looking for new opportunities and techniques to create an outstanding level of finish and has succeeded again with EeSoffit.

The EeSoffit finish offers a luxurious look, especially when using the distinctive gloss option. Not only is EeSoffit attractive from an aesthetic point of view, it also has many practical advantages.

Advantages of EeSoffit:
• EeSoffit offers great versatility and freedom in terms of staircase shape. Even complex, organic designs that are difficult to finish with plaster are not a problem with EeSoffit.
• With EeSoffit you achieve the correct shape with a perfectly flat surface
• EeSoffit gives a hard top layer, which can be very easily cleaned
• The EeSoffit surface is both strong and durable, meaning that it will not suffer from deterioration such as cracking which is often associated with other options (eg stucco)
• EeSoffit is easier and faster to apply than other finishes. Also, there are no metal fittings needed like stucco.
• EeSoffit is incredibly strong and resistant to damage
• The surface of EeSoffit is suitable for coating with a special paint 2K (high gloss), which is highly scratch resistant. Softer stucco is far less resistant to scratching.
• The luxurious look of the gloss finish boasts a mirror effect option which cannot be achieved using traditional finishing methods.
• EeSoffit is also attractive in price
• 10-year warranty
• In short, with EeSoffit you don’t need stucco any more. Get rid of the mess!

Would you like to know more about our latest invention? Our advisors are happy to tell you more about the possibilities, either by phone or as part of a free consultation.