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MIX Fire Bowls
MIX Fire Bowls
EcoSmart™ Fire
Jason Hodges
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Blending the simplicity of an outdoor fire pit with classic contemporary luxury, EcoSmart Fires’ MIX Fire Bowls add instant life to any architectural environment.

Ideal for courtyards, patios, pool decks and terraces, the all-weather, earthy design delivers the atmosphere of an open fire minus the mess, odour, sparks and soot. Its natural colour palette and perfect blend of fire and stone make it an easy choice for design professionals.

Highly functional and elegant, MIX Fire Bowls can be easily switched on or off and relocated wherever ambience, heat and the light of a fire is needed.

There are two different-sized MIX Fire Bowls – the smaller “MIX 600” and the larger “MIX 850”  – both of which are sturdily constructed from hardwearing, weather-resistant fibre cement. The freestanding fires are available in two hues – Natural and Black.

e-NRG Bioethanol, the environmentally friendly, clean burning and renewable energy source fuel each MIX Fire Bowl. Fitted with EcoSmart’s AB3 or AB8 round burners, the MIX Fire Bowls provide 8 hours’ usage. And, depending on the effect required, materials such as gravel or pebbles can be placed into the space surrounding the burners. An Adaptation Plate is available as an optional accessory. It minimises the amount of materials (decorative pebbles, stones etc) required to 'dress' around the burner to finish off the model and also makes the model much lighter and easier to relocate.

MIX 850
h 320mm ø 850mm
h 12.6" ø 33.5"

MIX 600
h 235mm ø 605mm
h 9.3" ø 23.8"

Recommended Accessories:
Fire Extinguisher
Protective Outdoor Covers
Adaptation Plate