Product description

Dimensions (width x height x depth)
80cm x 40cm x 40cm

Product family


“ES“ series – timeless side furniture and wall shelves

Puristic and colourful: rounded off in the shape of a cube just like its predecessor launched in 2012, ECHTSTAHL’s household items “ohh“, the “ES“ series combines high-quality stainless steel with colourful wool felt as well as solid wood. The felt is made from 100% merino wool and available in five standard colours, ranging from classic and subtle to bright and intense, very much lending a feelgood factor to the side furniture and wall shelves despite its cool elegance. The fitted shelves come in solid oakwood or maplewood.

Versatile and functional: designed by German start-up company ECHTSTAHL themselves, furniture from the “ES“ series is an all-rounder with virtually no limits to its uses. Whether a side table, a modular (wall) shelving unit, a small piece of furniture for storing items or a seat – “ES“ will ensure a variety of uses in private homes or contract interiors. Its new fitted shelves provide this series with even more space for storing and stacking.

Tough on the inside, soft on the outside: the stainless steel body that makes “ES“ such sturdy and robust furniture has been elaborately produced but is only 3mm or 4mm thick. The steel cube is upholstered with processed felt, temperature resistant, flame retardant and entirely biodegradable. And there is the added bonus that felt does not absorb odours, with the felt used by ECHTSTAHL being designed to be water repellent and able to be cleaned very easily.