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DV300-Accessories | Top Access 2 ways
DV300 - Accessories
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Product description

In white Aluminium

We have designed a new “Top Access”, drawn by DVO’s product development department. It responds to our needs of shape, operating system and performance.

Main materials: the frame is composed of longitudinal profiles in extruded aluminium and headers/runners with curved slots to allow the sliding of ABS skids, equipped with magnets. Lid made of extruded aluminium with side cover caps/runners with curved slot for the coupling/sliding on heads/runners in ABS. Bristles fixed on the long sides and sheet metal basket.

Unique selling points: original and functional opening/closing system of the lid that slides on skids in the lateral groves formed directly in the headers, equipped with magnets that allow the capturing of the lid when open or closed.
Should there be an excess of cables, our lid would remain in place, and not open or slightly open.

Possibility to manufacture this ‘Top Access’ in a required length, excellent price-quality ratio and possibility of several different colours and surface finishes.

Availability of optional basket and socket holder.

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Office storages.
Bookcases, storage units and pedestals are part of a system designed to provide means of organizing the workspace. The range of items is the result of the study of the needs and requirements of operators and it is a large, comprehensive and modular system for any request.
The functional, formal and esthetical quality guarantees an exclusive product in a variety of sizes and types.