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GS 413
GS 413/415/423/425
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GS 413:
dia 550 x H 605 mm

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Side tables, each with plain toughened glass top and shelf on a chromed tubular frame. Both are redesigned versions of the original Gispen 503 table.
In about 1933, Gispen began production of a series of three round tables of various diameters. Although the tables were identical in most respects, one of the three (model 503) differed from the other two in that it had both a top and a lower shelf. The table was available with its top and shelf in various materials, originally ranging from stained wood and plywood with a lacquer or linoleum finish to mirrored glass or blue or black opalised glass. This series of tables remained a distinctive feature of the Gispen collection until the 1950s. Gispen's no. 503 was the inspiration for the Van der Stroom Brothers Design Team to develop the present GS413 and GS415: two side tables that recreate the spirit of Gispen for today's interior.