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Organic forms currently lead the way in interior design. Philippe Starck, one of today’s most gifted designers, recognised the appeal of natural flowing forms as many as 15 years ago. As early as 1998, Duravit presented Starck 2, a ceramic series inspired by the movement of water. Duravit has revamped the series to give it a new, more modern look, thus completing the successful redesign of the toilets and bidets.

However, Duravit has retained the fundamental design DNA of the successful series. The washbasins are still comfortably large with a convenient depth. One refreshing, exciting nuance in particular is simply ingenious: at first glance, the washing bowl appears circular but, on closer inspection, is revealed to be slightly oval. A tiny deviation from perfect symmetry that highlights the organic nature of the series.

The conical widening towards the wall has been retained as a typical feature of the washbasin with wall connection. It still features the successful, practical shelf area. In the new model, the base of the bowl is flat and sweeps vertically upwards through gently rounded corners.

Duravit completes the revision of Starck 2 with a new rectangular bathtub and new shower trays.
The acrylic bathtub features one outstanding detail, the integrated neckrest. Inspired by archaic models, this element is typical of Philippe Starck. The neckrest forms a harmonious part of the overall design and resembles a board inset into the bathtub, enabling the user to lie back in comfort.

The series’ design principle has also been carried over to the shower trays, where it goes by the name of Starck Slimline. A characteristic design feature is the flat installation height enabling the rim to be reduced to just 20mm. The all-round rim is the ideal width for encompassing all standard shower enclosures. In addition to rectangular variants, quadrant-shaped shower trays are also available that comply with both national and international building standards.

Seen as a whole, the new features are a textbook example of how even small design nuances can have a significant impact. As a once more elegant ceramic range in the medium price category, Starck 2 is thus taking its rightful place amongst the equally successful Starck 1 and Starck 3 ranges.
Duravit thus offers timelessly modern design from a single source that is the work of just one designer: Philippe Starck for every lifestyle and every budget.