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A steam shower as art

Philippe Starck designs “St. Trop” for Duravit

"If you're lucky enough to have a good idea, you're duty-bound to share it," says no other than top designer, Philippe Starck. The very special idea that the designer is currently sharing is a new steam shower he designed for bathroom manufacturer Duravit.

Artistic motif as design idea

The sleek, square body of this steam shower that goes by the name of “St.Trop” takes up no more than one square metre of floor space. This essentially straightforward design provided Starck with the springboard for a special leap of inspiration: the door is akin to a frame adorning a large-scale painting. The white background forms the canvas. The person taking a shower becomes the motif, creating a work of natural beauty. Continuing the artistic theme, the stool made of heat-resistant material is a sculpture in its own right.

Fully-fledged shower and powerful steam bath

The simple but effective character of the design idea is also reflected in the features inside the shower:
Starck tap fittings with a luxury overhead shower ensure a fully-fledged shower for daily use. A control panel activates a powerful steam bath for maximum relaxation. At the touch of a button, the temperature climbs to between 42 and 50 degrees Celsius, at a humidity of 100%. The pleasures of the steam bath are preset to last 20 minutes. Illumination is provided by a lighting strip in the roof. To ensure seamless integration of this comfort in any bathroom, the "picture frame" is available in all the colours of the Duravit furniture series – 27 furniture colours to meet every individu