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Multifunctional Shower
Multifunctional Shower
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Duravit’s multifunctional shower is now available in back-to-wall and corner versions

An increasing number of people want to enjoy the healing and energising hotel spa experience in the privacy of their own homes. At home, the completely private and intimate atmosphere simply adds to the spa effect. With its multifunctional shower, bathroom manufacturer Duravit has already shown how a personal spa can be created within one’s own four walls. Now, this versatile manufacturer has further expanded its spa expertise by introducing two new versions of the multifunctional shower for back-to-wall and corner installations. This opens up entirely new possibilities for bathroom planning – even in small rooms. With dimensions of 1800 x 1100 x 2340 mm, the frameless cabin, which features transparent safety glass, always looks both stylish and elegant.

Shower, steam bath, massage function, water hose – at the heart of all these functions is an aluminium control panel which is mounted directly onto the tiles in these latest models. Not only is this panel easily installed, but it can also be opened up effortlessly. This facilitates access to the “technology” – all that’s necessary is removal of the security screw. The tap fittings on the panel are easy to understand and operate. This is where the temperature settings can be adjusted and the different features can be selected using a 5-way diverter. In no time at all, one can enjoy the overhead rain shower, which provides an energising cascade, and a gushing shower that produces waterfall-like effects. Just as easily, one can switch to the relaxing hand-held shower head. The water hose stimulates the muscles, and ten massage jets relax tense neck, shoulder and back muscles.

At the push of a button, warm steam provides for enjoyable relaxation. The steam generator creates a dense cloud of steam without a long wait, and features five programmes that regulate the maximum temperature and the duration of the steam bath. In addition, two dimmable halogen spotlights create a pleasant lighting mood. The optional coloured-light module provides a particularly intense experience: colours can be individually selected, or you can opt for an alternating play of colours controlled by one of five different programmes. The sensory experience is rounded off by the addition of the perfect music and the use of essential oils and fragrances.

The multifunctional shower provides visual and physical stimulation thus appealing to all of the senses – for complete relaxation of the mind and body in harmonious surroundings.

Technical details

1800 mm x 1100 mm x 2340 mm (L x W x H), available as a corner, wall-fitted or back-to-wall version

The steam generator is equipped with a water softening filter

Power supply:
380-400 V 1N 1PE, ~50/60 Hz, 2 x 16 A220-230 V 1N 1PE, ~50/60 Hz, 25 A