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Bathtub Cover
Bathtub Cover
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The bath – a place to lie back and relax

Bath covers create fresh scope in the bathroom

The bathtub is the largest individual object in the bathroom and takes up the most space in the room. Sundeck can be closed by adding a padded relaxation deck, which serves as a surface for sitting or lying on – a completely new use for the bath that has proven extremely popular and that also commonly serves as a surface on which to place bathroom items. Duravit has now developed this concept further and is introducing a cover for a whole range of other bathtubs – a design idea on its way to becoming a universal application.

The new, universal bath covers are produced in high-quality artificial leather and are available in white or – for added contrast – in anthracite. They are flexible in design and consist of stable elements which are simply placed on the rim of the bathtub. Four elements placed alongside one another cover the bathtub completely to provide a comfortable surface to lie on; each element can bear loads of up to 150 kg. At the same time, this also serves as a comfortable seat – a particularly topical issue in every bathroom in view of our ageing society. A combination of only two elements is just the job for a comfortable foot bath, while one element provides the perfect tray for a book, wine glass or water carafe whilst luxuriating in the bath. There are also variants with a cut-out to accommodate a shower hose. The hose disappears inside the tub after bathing, leaving nothing to detract from the bath cover's aesthetic appearance. Nothing spoils the aesthetic appeal. Both variants are available in five sizes from 70x40 cm to 80x45 cm, which means they can be used for selected bathtubs ranging from 160x70 to 180x80 cm in size.