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DRESSWALL Health | Table Stand Pass-throughs
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Self-supporting frame with bases plates for pass-thoughts.
The infinite compositional solutions are always realizable in a simple way with the special accessories available. Various types of bases are available on frames of any size.

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Dresswall Health is a system of partitions and barriers designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in public and private spaces.

Dresswall Health products are designed to cope with this emergency without renouncing all the distinctive features of the Dresswall system: minimal design, easy assembly, wide customization possibilities, small footprint for the shipment of large formats, no dimensional limits, reuse in time and space.

These products are made in aluminium and wood profiles that can be customized according to your needs, on which a flexible transparent PVC surface is installed, that is easy to clean, sanitize and it is also fireproof. The PVC support can then be replaced at the end of the emergency with printed fabric, sound-absorbing fabrics or other coatings to give a different usage to these barriers. As an alternative to PVC, coloured non-transparent antibacterial polyester fabrics are available, machine washable at 30°. Surfaces can be customized by printing on the PVC surface or the fabric.

The Dresswall Health system is available in several versions, to create different types of barriers according to your needs: free-standing, on wheels, stand-alone or hanging.
The system also provides different accessories to customize the structures, such as panels, bases and shelves.

Dresswall Health products can be easily shipped thanks to their reduced size, even for large dimensions and easily assembled like the whole Dresswall system.