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Adler II | 1224
Adler II | 1224
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For the base are still available:

Base 5 - oval base made of stone lamellas or veneered wood matching the main plate. On request with rollers. This base gives the model value and elegance. The heavy material weighs it to the ground and comforts and the homogeneity of pedestal and plate gives the model its great gravity.
Base 6a - flat oval of stainless steel in matt ground finish on a rectangular sandblasted chrome plated base

Base 6b - flat oval of stainless steel in matt ground finish on a rectangular stainless steel base plate with matt ground finish. This pedestal gives the model technical conciseness and cool strength. Disciplining the form, uplifts the model from an elegant cosy ambience into a young interior, reduced to the essentials.


105 x 190 x height 74.5 cm, extended 105 x 270 x height 74.5 cm

Can be supplied in many sizes! 

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An extensible dining table from solid or veneered wood or natural stone, either boatshaped, rectangular, organic or oval. The integrated lifting mechanism allows the interior central leaf to be raised once the two halves of the table top have been pulled apart. An ingenious technique makes the extension a procedure of miraculous ease. The standard base is an oval base of stainless steel in matt ground finish. Additionally 6 other base types are offered.