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Personal needs I individual spaces
Personal needs I individual spaces
Sieger Design
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The essentials at a glance
The innovation: Outlets specialised to suit the spaces in which daily activities are carried out The vision: individual freedom of design in the bathroom
The special feature: modular construction-kit principle; spanning multiple designs and series Product concept and design: Sieger Design
Available for delivery: Mid-2013
Personal needs, individual spaces: The concept of the bathroom is configured anew with modular products and smart technology
New specialised outlets and a completely new digital operation technology transform the product portfolio at Dornbracht into a unique modular construction kit for people's individual needs.
Dornbracht stands for timeless design and sustainable aesthetics; a formal precision that offers a decisive advantage as products from different series can be seamlessly mixed and matched. This 'sampling' of functions and designs, supplemented by new specialised outlets and a completely new digital operation technology, transforms the Dornbracht product portfolio into a unique modular construction kit.
People's individual needs determine how they design the spaces in which they carry out their daily activities: personal needs, individual spaces. The focus is not on the individual products but on their functions: from cleansing to cosmetic applications and even prevention against ill health. The aim is to develop even better, more intelligent and more specific forms for the presentation of water. What outlet do I need for what activity? How must the bathroom be divided up for it to suit my personal needs? And how can the quality of time spent in the bathroom each day be enhanced even more?
The new specialised outlets for the 'Cleansing', 'Showering', 'Bathing' and 'Foot Bathing' zones are precisely tailored to the needs of each respective activity space: this is how the pivoting outlet on the washstand enables a convenient mouth rinse, the hand-held shower head makes hair washing easier, and the retractable faucet simplifies the pouring of water on the arms or forehead. Alongside conventional mechanical controls, the outlets can also be controlled using new digital controls - the Smart Tools that Dornbracht has developed on the basis of Smart Water technology. Smart Water stands for the vision of enlisting the numerous possibilities for digitisation of applications in the bathroom (and kitchen), and advancing these even further. Water temperature and volume can be precision-controlled with a single flick of the wrist. The new digital controls can also be used to call up helpful, pre-programmed settings.
Thanks to the benefits of 'sampling' different Dornbracht products, there are practically no limits to the ways in which customers can individually tailor the language of form, water application and water control that suits them best. The concept of the bathroom is being configured anew.
The new specialised outlets will be presented at ISH 2013 and will be available from mid-2013.