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Yellow Glitz 7
Yellow Glitz Collection
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United Kingdom
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Wall coverings-Wall tiles >
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Product description

one tile straight repeat

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The design is high fired on to a quality wall tile for residential and contract specification. Our tiles conform to international standards for ceramic tiles BS EN ISO 10545.
Available in a matt or gloss finish the tiles come in a range of sizes from 10x10cm to 30x30cm.

Standard tile sizes:
10x10cm / 4x4”
15x15cm / 6x6”
20x20cm / 8x8”
30x30cm / 12x12”

Finish: Matt / Gloss
Material: Glazed Ceramic

Suitable or interior or exterior use walls, Residential and Commercial

Complies with international standards for ceramic tiles: Yes (BS EN ISO 10545)

Resistance to Surface Abrasion: All Colours: PEI Rating = 4 (EN ISO 10545-07)

Surface hardness: All Colours: MoHs rating = 6 (conforms) (EN 101)

Water Absorption: All colours: Conforms (acc to test criteria) (EN ISO 10545-03)

No Lead or other Heavy metals, GMOs, or hazardous materials are used 90% or more of the elements are non toxic and recyclable.