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Tibarto 100 AW1739-50%
Tibarto 100
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Tibarto 100 AW
100% tibetan highland wool

Tibarto 100 AW 70/30
mix of: 70% tibetan highland wool - 30% silk

Tibarto 100 RAJA
67% silk - 33% tibetan highland wool
2 rows of silk in velours alternately with 1 row of wool in loop

Tibarto 100 rugs are handmade of tibetan highland wool, one of the best and most valuable wools in the world. The wool is exceedingly long fibered and aliphatic and, because of this, flexible and still very sturdy. In the habitat of the tibetan highland sheep, the Himalayas, enormous differences in temperature prevail which are balanced by the wool. After shearing, which happens only once a year, we gain a yarn, which generates a robust and stain-resistant pile. This irregular yarn gives the carpet his unique fickle coloured texture.

The Tibarto 100 collection is exclusively hand-woven in a 100 knots quality (100 knots/inch2). This means, one square meter consists of approximately 155.000 knots. Because also the carding and spinning is done by hand, the inartificial character, the spiritedness and the brilliant attributes remain.

Due to the traditional, manual manufacture, small colour and size variations up to 4% can occur. Tibarto 100 rugs are diathermic and suit very well for the use on underfloor heatings.

We offer you a variety of contemporary and classical designs, which you can customise. Get inspired by our proposals and specify the design by yourself. Measures, dye distribution and pattern will be adjusted to your room. Every carpet is unique: from the dying process to the finishing, we only work on orders receipt. Nevertheless the delivery time is only 12 weeks.

Normal defilement can be brushed down or hoovered. Liquids should immediately be absorbed with a clean cloth, possible residues can be washed out with water and curd soap. The elimination of extreme contaminations can be done by our laundry. Never clean your carpet with chemicals. Chemicals extract the natural fat content of the fibres whereby they lose their natural dirt-repellent character.